The Best Post-Wig Removal Skincare Routine
Whether you're leaving your install in for hours or days, the process of removing a wig can be tough on the hairline and surrounding skin. Harsh in...
Trending Braids for Summer 2021

Braids are finally getting their appreciation for their impact on fashion and the style is thriving in 2021. As things begin to reopen and we cautiously reenter the world, folks are ready to emerge as open carefree versions of their 2019 selves. So if there's a time for trends - it's now.

Wig 101 | Wig Accessories Must Haves
If you are buying yourself a wig for the first time, choosing the right accessories can be pretty challenging, and we are here to teach you some ropes of the game. 
Wig 101 | How to Glue Down your Wig

Applying a lace front wig can be tricky, but our step by step guide will help you transform that beautiful wig into luxurious hair.

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