7 Hot Wig Styles for Summer

Fashion and hairstyles keep changing in different seasons. In the summertime, you are free to unleash your inner playfulness and express it through your hairstyle. Natural hair is prone to damage in hot weather. However, wigs will undoubtedly protect your scalp and hair from getting all sweaty and dull. Try various types of wigs to stand out in the crowd this season!

The History of Black Women’s Hair

Hair has always been significant for the people of the black community and The History of Black Women’s Hair tells us the story of their survival, resistance, and celebration.

21 Trending Braided Hairstyles 2023
Braids are trendy in recent years all over the US. From hundreds of hairstyles, these 21 are the best for 2023. Kids and adults will find their desired look.
The Do’s and Don’ts of Washing Your Synthetic Braided Wig
Synthetic fiber wigs have come a long way – what used to be coarse, heavy, and fake-looking has evolved to be soft, airy, and natural. Synthetic w...

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