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Andrea (37")

37-inch Bohemian Locs Synthetic HD Lace Wig

  • #1 - Black
  • #1B - Natural Black
  • #2 - Dark Brown
  • #613 - Light Blonde
  • #99J - Deep Red and Black Blend
  • #51 - Grey
  • #TT4/613 - Black to Blonde Ombre
  • #TT1B/Light Pink - Black to Light Pink Ombre
  • #TT1B/Hot Pink - Black to Dark Pink Ombre
  • #TT1B/Light Grey - Black to Grey Ombre
  • #27 - Golden Blonde
  • #280 - Salt & Pepper Grey
  • #30 - Copper Blonde
  • #33 - Dark Auburn
  • #44 - Charcoal Grey
  • #6 - Chestnut Brown
  • #8 - Medium Brown
  • #TT1B/27 - Black to Honey Blonde Ombre
  • #TT1B/30 - Black to Copper Blonde Ombre
  • #TT1B/BG - Black to Burgundy Ombre
  • #T1B/60 - Black To White Ombre

Versatile and Fashion-Forward Wigs

Lace Braid and Faux Loc wigs are a trend that’s here to stay, experiment with the protective style without hours in the salon chair. Though braids and locs are awesome protective styles, committing to the look can take some reassurance.

Our lace braid wigs have all the fashion and even more fun with a range of braid types and patterns. Our Lace Braids are hand braided and then tied to a silken adjustable lining with 2 combs for a secure and comfortable fit.

Feel like the most fabulous version of yourself in an instant with our range of textures, lengths, and color options.Emphasize your organic beauty in these naturally gorgeous with these synthetic braided lace front wigs. These lace styles keep it versatile and easy to blend. Available in multiple textures, a body wave, and curls.

Ready for high heat styling, trims, and updos galore, our synthetic lace front wigs are made for fashion fun! Each style has a full lace cap and is the most versatile of any lace type, wear it up, wear it down, it is the superwoman of our styles.

Our synthetic Swiss lace wigs are hand-tied to a silken adjustable lining with 2 combs for a secure and comfortable fit. These styles are crafted by seasoned wig makers, the strands are individually hand-tied to a soft silk lining for a natural look, and are available in a range of natural colors.

Every style is made with an adjustable cap that can extend up to 22 inches in diameter for a secure and comfortable fit.

What are you waiting for? Choose the best style from an always of color to enjoy the thrill of synthetic lace braided wigs.


Question: Do lace wigs damage your hairline?

Answer: Lace wigs, like any other hair product, can damage your hairline if not handled properly. However, the extent of damage can be minimized with proper care and maintenance. And hand-made good quality wigs can minimize the damage more than other hair products.

Question: Can I sleep in braided wigs?

Answer: It is not recommended to sleep in braided wigs as it can cause tangling, matting, and damage to the braids and wig. Sleeping in a wig can also affect the wig's longevity and overall appearance. It's best to remove the wig before sleeping to preserve its condition.

Question: What type of wig lasts the longest?

Answer: The longevity of a wig depends on various factors, such as the quality of the hair strands, the type of wig cap construction, and how well you take care of the wig. So it’s not about the type of the wig, but the quality and fiber type the wig is constructed with.

Question: Can I shower with a Braided Lace Front wig on?

Answer: It is not recommended to shower with a braided lace front wig on as the water can damage the braids, causing them to become matted, frizzy, and potentially lose their shape. If you need to wash your braided lace front wig, it's best to remove it and wash it separately. Gently clean the wig with a wig-specific shampoo, conditioner, and then style it as desired. This will help maintain the wig's appearance and extend its lifespan.

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