Human Hair Closures for Special Occasions: Bridal, Prom, and Red Carpet Styles

Human Hair Closures for Special Occasions: Bridal, Prom, and Red Carpet Styles

Wondering if a human hair closure is worth your money for your Prom, wedding, or red carpet event? We are going to talk about everything you need to know about human hair closure and recommend some styles you can try for your next event.

There are some occasions in life when you always aspire to be the best version of yourself. Occasions like Prom and weddings are special, and we always do our best to be the center of attention. With great hair comes great beauty, and we have to make sure we have the best hair day, even if our hair doesn’t agree with us. But do we really have to depend on our natural hair to be the best-looking prom queen or bride? Well, things have changed now, and it's for good. Human hair Closures have emerged as a revolutionary addition to the hairstyle business. Closures are hair extensions that were initially introduced as a protective style for women who are facing hair loss and thinning hair. Well, things are no longer like that. Nowadays, women are switching to human hair closure to get the style that they are unable to wear with their natural human hair. This blog will discuss how we can wear Human hair closures on special occasions like Bridal, Prom, and Red Carpet.

Type Of Human Hair Closures

Before we jump into business, let’s find out how many human hair closures are available there. We will discuss it based on some basic criteria.

Parting Based Closures

As we have already learned, human hair closures come with lace that allows you to have a seamless and natural look by mimicking your scalp. If we take the parting option into consideration, there are some variations. You can choose a face part, middle part, or three-part closure. Each comes with its own features, and it's quite self-explanatory. You can choose any one of them as per your requirements and budget. If you are confused, you can always go for a free part option, which can give a lot more parting options.

Based On The Lace Size

Lace size is essential when it comes to covering the front area of your scalp. Lace provides a natural look by giving us a feel of a real scalp. The closure usually comes between 4x4 and 6x6 inches. If you need a bigger lace part, you can always go for a frontal.

Based On The Base Used In The Closure

Two types of base are used for a closure—Silk base and Lace base. Silk base closures are getting more popular nowadays, thanks to their attached skill base that comes in both lighter and darker colors that ensure a more realistic look.
Lace base closures, on the other hand, are popular for their flexibility that fits our natural scalp easily. The woven grid lines in a lace base are used for attaching strands. Also, lace base closures can protect your hair from getting damaged by heat and excessive use of hair products.

Human Hair Closures For Your Bridal Makeover

It’s your wedding, and you deserve to be the best-looking woman in the room. Hair closures can easily give you the hairstyle you have already dreamed of without having to run experiments on your natural hair.

Closures are easy to install, but if you do not have any experience, you better get help from a professional. Let’s take a look at some hairstyles you can get with human hair closures.

  • Blowout Style

  • Polished Pearls

  • Top Knot style

  • Fishtail Braids

  • Twisted Bun

  • Cascading Tresses

  • Layered Waves

Human Hair Closures For Your Prom

You know better than anyone what kind of hairstyle you want to pull off for your prom, and you know if your hair can withstand that much pressure or not. Wig and hair extensions are now getting popular only because they work as a protective style for your natural hair while giving you the desired look you want.

For many young women, prom is considered a milestone event and can hold a considerable amount of importance. Let’s take a look at some of the hairstyles you can achieve with a human hair closure.

  • Elegant Updo

  • Side-Swept Curls

  • Sleek Ponytail

  • Half-Up Half-Down Style

  • Messy Bun

  • Vintage Waves

  • Braided Crown

Human Hair Closure For Red Carpet

A red carpet event is something where glamour and perfection are paramount; choosing the proper human hair closure is crucial to achieving a flawless and camera-ready hairstyle. Here are some popular styles you can try with a human hair closure.

  • Beach Wavy style

  • Curly or Afro Textured style

  • High Ponytail or Updo

  • Braided Styles

  • Half-Up Half-Down

  • Messy Bun or Chignon

  • Pulled Back Styles


  • Can I dye my human hair closure?

    The answer is yes. It’s a human hair closure; you can apply anything you can usually apply to your natural hair. This means you can heat-style it, dye it, or wash it using any kind of shampoo.

  • What if the closure loosens up and starts to drop?

    It's very unlikely if you install it correctly. A closure is typically sewn into your natural hair bairds. However, excessive pulling, tugging, or manipulation can cause such indecent, so you better be careful with those.

  • What is the best base for Human hair closure? Silk or Lace?

    It’s subject to your purpose of use. Silk bases tend to produce a more natural look, while lace is known for its flexibility. You will get what you paid for, but both are able to do their jobs perfectly.

  • Can I wear Human hair closure on occasions like Prom and Weddings?

    Yes, you can if you are looking for a protective style. Sometimes, it's better to leave our natural hair out of the picture, especially when we are about to experiment with something unique on our hair. A closure allows you to experiment with new styles without damaging your natural hair.

Final Words

If you haven’t tried a human hair closure yet, just do it now. Some people prefer lace front wigs, which is also a great option. But closure offers something that some wigs may fail to do—a more natural-looking and protective style.

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