21 Trending Braided Hairstyles 2023

21 Trending Braided Hairstyles 2023

Braids have become an extremely popular hairstyle in recent years  – they’re beautiful, protective, and there’s so many styles to choose from. Plus, with accessories like beads and clasps, there’s no limit to how unique you can make them look! 

Just like people, braids come in all shapes and sizes, from tiny cornrows to big box braids. Some styles take hours, some take days, making us wonder – how long would it take to try out every braided style? We may never know, but here’s your sign to try a few new ones out!

Bohemian Knotless Braids:

Bohemian Knotless Braids

If you love the care-free bohemian vibes that have been trendy for the past few years, boho knotless braids are the perfect choice! These braids aren’t made with knots, and are easy to spice up with some beads or rings. If you don’t want to commit to the style just yet, this is also a popular style for wigs!

Braided Ponytail:

Braided Ponytail

This glamorous style has been worn by countless celebrities and is known to create a gorgeous, face-lifting effect. There’s low braided ponies, high braided ponies, braided pigtails – the options are truly endless. This style is tricky because it can take a long time to perfect the proper angle of the braids, and can feel heavy on the head. If you’re looking for a lighter-weight option, there’s tons of HD lace braided wigs that can recreate the look. Just make sure to use some wig glue to prevent lifting at the hairline!

Box Braids With Beads:

Box Braids With Beads

Nothing’s more satisfying than the sound of beads clicking around as you swoosh your hair! This style has been around for decades, and isn’t going anywhere. It’s popular among all ages and is a great daily style for any event.

Jumbo Box Braids with Curls:

Jumbo Box Braids with Curls

These thick braids are distinct from other box braids as they’re accompanied by loose curls. Normally, realizing some strands were left out of your braids is a huge pain, but not when it’s intentional! This multi-textured style typically uses extensions for longer braids and loose curls, and can be achieved with a wig as well. 

Bob Box Braids:

Bob Box Braids

We often see braids being used to create the look of long hair, but short braids are just as gorgeous! A braided bob creates a chic look, and is less effort than its longer counterparts. Plus, you can still style it in updos and buns, and spice it up with beads.

Ghana Braids:

Ghana Braids

This dramatic style is created with micro braids at the forehead that expand into thick, all-encompassing braids. Ghana braids can be styled in countless shapes and patters on the scalp for a truly unique look.

Butterfly Braids:

Butterfly Braids

Butterfly braids are such a unique, cool texture! They barely look like braids at all, but they are – they’re made by pulling some hair/extension out from both sides as the braid is formed, creating a bubbled texture. 

Tribal Braids:

Tribal Braids

Tribal braids, also known as Fulani braids, originated in Africa, and were used to represent different tribal groups in various regions. The braids are made with thin to medium plaits, and usually have a braid at the center of the head. They also incorporate backwards cornrows, where the cornrows are braided from the back to the front. 

Tribal Braids with Curly Hair: 

Tribal Braids with Curly Hair

This stunning braid is a variant of the tribal braid. For this look, the front section of the hair is neatly braided back while the rest of the hair is left loose and curly. This 2-in-1 style is extremely eye-catching because of the contrast in hair textures!

Knotless Braids with Curls:

Knotless Braids with Curls

Knotless braids are one of those staple styles that can be highly customizable. This look incorporates small braids that blend into curls at the ends, and works with a variety of hair lengths. Plus, this is one of those styles that’s easy to find in a wig.

Chunky Knotless Braids:

Chunky Knotless Braids

You can’t go wrong with simple chunky knotless braids! This style typically uses extensions to make the braids extra thick and long, and without a knot at the top, they’re less heavy on the scalp. This style can still create tension on the hair follicles if the braids are too heavy, so if you want a scalp-friendly option, check out a wig.

Box Braids with Pearls:

Box Braids with Pearls

If you want a style that will turn heads, this one is the best! Thin box braids are beaded with shiny pearls, creating the most glamorous look. Bonus: incorporate several shades of hair into your braids for an extra multidimensional look.

Mini Box Braids:

Mini Box Braids

Although it takes hours to do mini braids, the result is worth it! This waterfall of neat braids uses extensions to create dozens of flowy strands that can be made as short or long as you’d like. If you’re not up for spending a few hours in the salon, wigs are an easy and quick way to achieve the same look.



This style gets its name from Beyonce’s album in which she rocked this look! Lemonade braids are a cornrow style in which the hair is braided back on one side for an edgy side-swept effect.

Braided Buns:

Braided Buns

Updos are always a fun way to spice up your braids. Medium-sized box braids construct this hairstyle as the braids are pinned or tied up in a bun. 

Braided Box Braids:

Braided Box Braids

Braided Braids! Sounds strange, right? Whether you’re going for two pigtails or many braided braids, you’ve got to have some patience for this style. It may be a lot of work, but the end result is gorgeous!

Heart-Parted Braids:

Heart-Parted Braids

The heart-parting on this style is really something to admire! This unique pattern requires some larger sectioning, making it ideal for thicker braids.

Classy Half-Up Knotless Braids:

Classy Half-Up Knotless Braids

The half-up, half-down style is a classic, and it works for truly any event. In this style, knotless braids are braided back at the top of the end, and braided down at the bottom. Don’t forget the two face-framing braids at the front!

Braided Beehive:

Braided Beehive

This beehive braided updo is a classy retro hairstyle. Lots of thin box braids are used to make the beehive, making it one of the most gorgeous looks, especially for formal occasions.

Braids in a High Ponytail:

Braids in a High Ponytail

Want to keep your hair out of your face while still looking glam? Can’t go wrong with a high ponytail. From everyday wear to formal events, a braided high pony works for all, and can work with a wide variety of braid lengths and thicknesses.

Knotless Goddess Braids:

Knotless Goddess Braids

Knotless goddess braids may not make you a literal goddess, but you’ll definitely feel like one! In this style, thin to medium braids are braided halfway, and the rest of the hair is left loose, usually in curls. This style looks gorgeous with highlights and accessories as well. 

That was a lot of braid talk! Hopefully you’re feeling inspired to try out a new style, or find a way to spice up your current look. If you’re not feeling the salon or are afraid to commit to a new style, there’s plenty of braided wigs that can give you the same look.

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