What is the best human hair for a Sew-in weave?

What is the best human hair for a Sew-in weave?

Sew-in weaves work like magic. They can allow you to enjoy the thrill of voluminous hair and different styles without having to grow your natural hair. They can also allow you to enjoy some styles that are not doable with your natural hair.

If you are already keeping up with recent hair trends such as Frontals, closures, micro links, and I-tips, you already know what we are talking about here. While we often try different styling on our natural hair, sometimes we need to think about something different and more convenient. Wigs and hair extensions are certainly some of the easiest ways to change your entire look without putting much effort into it. Sew-in weaves are a great way to take a break from your natural hair styling and try something more exciting with minimum effort. Sew-In Weaves allow you to enjoy the luxury of long and voluminous hair without even growing your natural hair.

However, not all type of hair is likely to yield a satisfactory result. That brings us to the burning question—What is the best human hair for a Sew-in weave?

Keep reading to learn more about different hair types for your Sew-In Weaves and come up with our own verdict on the best human hair for a Sew-in weave.

What are Sew-In Weaves?

The process of Sew-In Weaves revolves around braiding your natural hair into cornrows and sewing down hair extensions with the help of needles and threads. Sew-In Weaves are an excellent way to tuck away your natural hair and thus give them a break from damage while allowing you to enjoy the luxury of different hairstyles. Sew-in weaves can allow you to enjoy the versatility and not to mention, a lot of room to experiment with the best-suited hairstyle for you.

Remy Virgin Human Hair Extension

Best Human Hair for Sew-In Weaves

While human hair is undoubtedly the best material for any hair extension or wig. However, not all human hair would provide the optimum result when it comes to Sew-In Weaves. Human hair comes in different types based on the source of that hair. The origin of human hair, therefore, can be reflected in its quality. Some human hair is capable of giving you the exact look you are planning to have, but some might give you a hard time to pull off. But considering everything, Virgin Remy human hair is the best human hair for Sew-In Weaves.

What is Remy Virgin Human Hair?

Remy Virgin Human Hair is the hair with the highest quality. It’s like the Leonardo Dicprario of human hair except for the virgin part! On a serious note, Remy virgin human hair is the kind of hair that is collected from a single donor without meddling with its original cuticle. This means the cuticles were kept the same way they are intended. The virgin part specifies that this hair has never been exposed to any kind of chemical or hair treatment. So if you are looking for the best human hair for your sew-in weaves, Remy Virgin human hair is the correct answer.

Remy Virgin hair Ponytail

Although Virgin Remy human hair itself comes in multiple qualities based on its source, let’s take a look at different types of virgin human hair that work best for Sew-In Weaves.

Brazilian Virgin hair

Brazilian Virgin Human hair is well-known for its medium luster and tight curls. With features like softness, thickness, and durability, Brazilian Virgin hair stands out as one of the best types of hair for a perfect Sew-In Weave. Unlike other types of hair, Brazilian virgin hair is not prone to frizz which means more volume of hair without even having to add more bundles.

Brazilian Virgin Remy hair

Indian hair

A substantial amount of Virgin Remy hair comes from the Indian subcontinent as thousands of people donate their hair for religious purposes every day. Indian hair is popular for being versatile, durable, and not too prone to tangling. However, you might need an extra bundle of hair to obtain a voluminous look since it's not as frizz-friendly as Brazilian hair. Still, if you are looking for quality hair with a lot of room for styling, go with Indian hair.

Indian Virgin Human Hair

Malaysian Virgin Hair

If you are looking for soft, silky, thick, and bouncy hair, Malaysian Virgin Hair can be a great option. What makes Malaysian hair stand out is its ability to hold onto bouncy curls while producing more shininess than any other hair type. One drawback can be its constant need for moisturization as it easily dries out. But this can be easily avoided with proper hair maintenance, if this fits your budget, you can go with Malaysian Virgin Hair.

Asian and European Virgin Hair

Some parts of Europe and Asia produce great-quality of human hair. It’s relatively softer, thicker, sleeker, and more versatile than others and that makes it more expensive as well. While the density is similar to Brazilian hair, it requires fewer bundles and produces shine as good as that of Malaysian Virgin Hair.

Peruvian Virgin hair

One of the most expensive types of hair on the market, Peruvian virgin hair is best known for its lightweight and ability to produce the best voluminous look. Its unique softness and curliness make it one of the most sought-after hair types. No wonder, it’s more expensive than any other hair type in the market.

Final Verdict

Considering different hair types have different features, it’s quite a challenge to choose only one type of hair as the best. It depends on your budget, the kind of style you are aiming for, and of course your personal opinion. If you are looking for a more voluminous look with an affordable budget, Brazilian Virgin Hair is our ultimate winner. However, you are putting both quality and affordability on the table, you can go with any hair type based on your budget. As long as it fulfills your demand, it’s totally worth it.

Thanks for reading, hope this article about What is the best human hair for a Sew-in weave has been able to answer some of the burning questions you have regarding Sew-In Weaves. Check out our store to find the best hair bundles with closure extensions and wigs.

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