Wig 101 | Natural Hair Care Basics

Wig 101 | Natural Hair Care Basics

Natural Hair Basics

We want to talk about your hair, your natural hair. This is our official rant on what we need to do to care of our natural hair before wearing a wig. It is crucial to always keep your hair healthy, even if you aren't into wigs, your natural hair is a gift to be nurtured. 

For those wig lovers, it is essential to keep both your hair and the wig clean. Those who ignore their hair underneath their perfectly styled wig can find themselves with brittle hair, tons of breakage, shedding, and stunted hair growth as a result. And that is NOT the goal of wigs, we want our styles to protect your hair, so best take care of that base!

In this article, we have put down some tips on how you can care for your natural hair before donning your favorite furry fashion.

Tip One: 

Always create a consistent day for washing your hair. I know you may feel there is no need for you to do the washing; after all, no one sees your natural hair beneath the wig. It is a bad habit because you are giving room for build-up on your scalp, thereby damaging your hair growth. Think of your scalp as soil for your beautiful hair, in order to have strong healthy hair - you need to protect where it grows from. You can choose to wash your hair every week or two weeks; the best thing to is experiment and check in with your locks. Everyone's hair is unique and the environment is a big factor in what your hair garden needs to flourish. Establishing a good hair care routine is a great way to build up your self care, consistency and patience is key with any kind of care. 

Tip Two: 

Next find the correct conditioner for you and NEVER skip. Like moisturizer for our face, conditioner restores the oils you removed after cleansing your hair.  If your hair is consistently dry or brittle, its probably your conditioning routine. We recommend (especially for textured hair) deep condition your hair once a week. You can always do this weekly or bi-weekly, depending on your environment and texture. For the deep conditioner to take its effects, you need to allow it to sit for about 15 minutes. We do this so that the conditioner can easily penetrate your hair, keeping your hair warm by wearing a shower cap will maximize your hair's ability to soak up all that Deep Conditioning Goodness. 

Tip Three: 

Moisturize your hair before braiding it for your wig. In our humble hair opinion, you should never handle your hair with dry hands, always use a light oil or mousse before digging into your locks. The moisturizer helps the growth of your hair and helps avoid breakage while you are manipulating your hair. this will help your hair stay hydrated throughout the week. You can use anti-fungal oil such as tea tree oil; this oil can also be used to massage your scalp to allow blood flow. A little bit goes a long way to keep harmful bacteria away from your scalp, and permits healthy hair growth.


Tip Four: 

You do not have to wear wigs every day. Sometimes, it is best to allow both your hair and scalp to breathe in some deep long breaths. It is believed that hair has its own personality; that is why your scalp and the strands of your hair need oxygen to thrive. Keeping your natural hair tucked away underneath a wig and wig cap can cause the scalp issues and discomfort. 


Tip Five: 

You must have a bedtime routine, there are a million memes about the traveling bonnet but we are bigger than the bandana. When going to bed, slip off your wig and place it on a stand or in a silky bag to help them last longer. Then you can apply some jojoba oil or leave your braids as they are and tuck your natural hair into a satin bonnet or secure it in a silk wrap. If you are a hot sleeper or just can't seem to keep your sleep cap in place, try a silk pillow case as back up. Using a scarf helps to keep your hair from drying out and keeps down breakage from friction. 

Okay rant over! These are just some basic tips to keep your hair healthy and happy while you slay in LUXLUXE hair. Remember, turning chores into self care rituals is a great way of showing your organic self the love they deserve. Underneath all the fashion, our natural self is what is left - so it's on us to care for them. 


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