Top 10 Romantic Braided Hairstyles for Valentine's Day 2023

Top 10 Romantic Braided Hairstyles for Valentine's Day 2023

Wondering what hairstyle to choose for the upcoming Valentine's day? The biggest day of love and romance is back, and here are our top picks from some of the most romantic Braids for Valentine's day 2023.

Valentine's day—one of the most anticipated days of the year is here. Whether you are already in a romantic relationship or looking for one, finding the perfect hairstyle to bring out the prettiest version of yourself on this particular day is essential. There are many options to choose from, you can either go with flirtatious braids or sensual updos, but the most important thing always remains the same—making your Valentine's day memorable.

Jazz up your hair game with some of the most Romantic Braids for Valentine's Day. Keep reading to learn more about the top 10 Romantic Braids for Valentine's Day 2023 to ease your tension and make you the prettiest girl this Valentine's day.


If we talk about braids, we talk about our culture and history. Among many hairstyles, braiding is one of those particular styles that has been there for thousands of years. With that being said, braids hold a special place in our hearts not only for their protective nature but for the confidence it generates. Besides, it's not just a random hairstyle but a form of art that has been carried on for generations. Valentine's day is one of those special occasions when we need something that makes us confident and brings out the prettiest version of ourselves. That's what braids do to you if you are looking for something exuberantly romantic for this valentine's day.


Let's waste no time and dive into the main discussion. Let's find the top 10 Romantic Braids for Valentine's Day 2023 that are easy to pull off. The best part about these styles is that you can get those even without meddling with your natural hair with wigs and extensions.


Cornrow braiding technique is one of the oldest hairstyles, and you can always add the valentine's day theme to them. Imagine braiding your cornrows in the shape of hearts for the upcoming Valentine's day. It's not just cornrowing your hair in the form of a heart, and there is a lot of improvisation you can bring to make it look more enticing. Let's take a look at some Heart Shaped Cornrow braiding ideas for the upcoming Valentine's day.

  • Heart Shaped Cornrows With Curled Ends
  • Long heart-shaped cornrows with a braided ponytail
  • Heart-shaped cornrows with a low bun
  • Knotless Braids With Curled Ends
  • Waist-length tribal braids with heart-shaped cornrows
  • High bun with heart-shaped cornrows at the back
  • Heart-Shaped Crisscross Stitch Braids

Romantic cornrow wig

Romantic cornrow wig

Suppose you can choose a different color to make your cornrows more attractive. But if you are reluctant to dye your natural hair, you can always opt for wigs.


Imagine having both cornrows and cascading locks on your upcoming Valentine's day. Braids with loose trees bring more dimension and texture to your hair and produce something extraordinary. The best part about this braiding style is that you can either do it on your natural hair or opt for braided wigs, which can save you time and effort.

Combo of Cornrows and Locks

Cornrows braid wig


If you are struggling to find something unique and fun for your Valentine's day dinner, try tribal braids with double-low buns. To do so, you must ensure your braids are crisscrossed at the nape before wrapping them into two low buns. This may sound a little overwhelming to pull off at first, but trust me, your time and effort are worth it once you do.

Valentine's day double-bun wig

double-bun wig


Make it a perfect Valentine's day for your buns too! One bun is good, but pairing it with another can be better. Do you know what can make it even more interesting? Get a pair of braiding buns and stand out at your next Valentine's day dinner.

braided bun wig

braided bun wig


The box braid's name will surely come to the top if we talk about the best protective styles for our natural hair. That said, you can turn your protective style into something romantic for your upcoming valentine's day. Try a box-braided bob style this year. However, you can always opt for a box-braided bob wig if you only need it for one day.

valentine's day romantic braided bob

romantic braided bob


With the tremendous popularity of the recent Netflix hit Wednesday, you may also want to try her signature braided pigtail. The best part about a pigtail, it's never out of style and is easy to install. If you are planning to do something simple yet sophisticated enough to glam up your valentine's day makeover, you can go for it.

valentine’s day

Pigtail braids wig


Box braids are fun to wear but have you ever thought about turning them into romantic braids for Valentine's day? Imagine wearing black and burgundy ombre box braids on your next Valentine's day dinner. While doing it with your natural hair might sound like a lot of commitment and time-consuming, getting a black and burgundy ombre box braided wig can solve that problem for you effortlessly.

black and burgundy box braid wig

box braid wig


It's always fun to play with your hairstyles and create something unique. Sometimes accidental hairstyles can yield more remarkable results. Try this asymmetrically half-up and half-down braided style if you want something unique and romantic for your upcoming Valentine's day. Wear it with your natural hair or get a wig; both work fine as long as it brings out the prettiest version of yourself.

half up braided wig for valentine’s day

half up braided wig


Ponytails never disappoint you to get the best version of yourself. But have you ever thought of trying something new with your ponytail? If you are now sure how to wear your hair on the upcoming Valentine's day, try this braided ponytail. Try stitch braids and some smaller braids in between to make things even more unique.

braided ponytail wig

braided ponytail wig


And last but not least—side-swept braids can do a lot more magic than you can imagine. It's easy to install and does not put much pressure on your natural hair. Make your next Valentine's day extra memorable with this style.

side-swept braids

side-swept braids

Valentine's day is a day of love and affection. The most important part is spending time with your significant other. Whatever romantic braids for Valentine's day you choose, make sure it does not take away all your precious time. Wigs and hair extensions are some of the easiest ways to save time and effort. Either way, have a happy Valentine's day.

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